Wave Tracing

Ocean wave tracing is an open source package which computes the propagation path of ocean waves. 

Satellite image showing wave refraction around an island

The package solves the wave ray equations for ocean waves propagating 

  • in current fields varying in space and time
  • in intermediate and shallow waters
Ideal simulations with Wave tracing showing effect of currents and depth
Figure 2: Wave tracing in a jet following (top left) and opposing (top right) the wave field. Below left is an example of an eddy on wave propagation and the lower right example illustrates the effect of bottom refraction.

The package is aimed at supporting the wave community and includes a set of ancillary methods for preparing data from ocean circulation models as well as data post-processing.

Ocean model example
Figure 3: Example using input of currents from ocean model ROMS800.

Source code: https://github.com/hevgyrt/ocean_wave_tracing

Contact: Trygve Halsne (trygveh @ met.no)