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National Collaboration

MET Norway collaborates with the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) and the National Public Roads Administration (NPRA) for planning and operation of a safe and more sustainable coastal infrastructure.

Our models provide input to the coastal wave forecast at  with marinograms (Figure 1) and boundary conditions.
Figure 1: Example of marinogram from


We handle atmospheric and ocean measurements on behalf of NPRA and NCA. The observations are distributed freely. Observations are crucial for forecasting, weather surveillance and model verification and development.

Browse historical and real time measurements here:

Map with sites of modelled and observed wind and waves
Figure 2: Interactive map for real-time comparison between model and observations
Model grid correlation to observation point
Figure 3: Example of correlation of observations and modelled wind speed in Sulafjord


Data access

NPRA Coastal highway E39 observations in Møre and Romsdal are available from:

Measurements from the buoys that NCA operates are available from:




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Midjiyawa, Zakari (2022) Turbulence characterisation in complex fjord topography using measurement and numerical modelling for bridge design, Doctoral thesis, available at: